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Window Cleaning

Pure Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning System

Our van mount units contain a 2 man operating system with 1000 litre tanks giving us the capability to complete any size site. Water is purified to a laboratory grade to give spotless results keeping windows cleaner for longer, Purified water is pumped to the window through carbon fibre water fed poles, Windows are brushed, rinsed and left to dry naturally. Purified water is a cleaning agent and is natural for water to return to its impure state, This makes purified water the ideal cleaning agent dissolving all dirt & film from windows to leave a sparkling finish. Window cleaners have traditionally used methods of window cleaning that use detergents which leave behind a residue that allows dirt to stick to it. The water fed pole window cleaning system does not leave anything behind keeping window cleaner for longer. This quickly removes dirt which reduces water consumption, The water fed pole system is the fastest, safest method for cleaning windows as the window cleaners operate safely from the ground.The water fed pole window cleaning system can be operated to a height of 65 feet, Water fed pole window cleaning is an alternative to hydraulic platforms, abseil method and window cleaners working from cradles.

Operators / cleaners work firmly from the safety of the ground reducing the need for ladders and high access equipment.

There are several benefits to the water fed pole system:

  • Reaches windows above sensitive areas such as flowerbeds
  • Reduced disturbance to building occupants and maintains privacy
  • Cleans Windows, paneling, signage, canopies, facias etc
  • Environmentally friendly – no chemicals used
  • Reaches previously inaccessible windows with ease
  • Health & Safety compliant
  • Safe Contractor Approved